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Bruks 820 CM Chipper
Code: 2184

BRUKS stationary drum chippers are processing different kinds of input materials, like logs, slabs, sawmill wastes, butt ends, veneer wastes and other industrial wood wastes in all wood industry segments.


Name: Geoff Strang

Ph: 1-800-600 053
Cell: +64 274 304 981
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FOR  SALE – USNR Quad Cam Lug Loader


  • USNR Quadcam Lugloader ex Greenmill
  • This unit was new in 2006 and was taken out of service in November 2010
  • The unit ran well feeding a conventional J bar sorter line operating a 110 lugs/min
  • This lug loader is capable of 235 lugs/min
  • Requires minor work to get the unit running, including new valves & new chain


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