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Category:  Biofuel  >  New Equipment

Hoggers & Chippers

Forano Disc Chipper
Forano Disc Chipper Code: MA-32-EForanoDiscChipper
The USNR Forano Disc Chipper is available in four sizes and three configurations to meet your specific wastewood processing requirements.  Each model can also accomodate bottom, rear and top discharge for maximum flexibility.

HBS Bark Hogger
HBS Bark Hogger Code: HBSBarkHog

HBS Bark Hogger
HBS Bark Hogger Code: HBSBarkHoga

HBS Bark Hogger
HBS Bark Hogger Code: HBSBarkHogb

HBS Bark Hogger
HBS Bark Hogger Code: HBSBarkHogc

HBS Bark Hogger
HBS Bark Hogger Code: HBSBarkHogd

HBS Bark Hogger
HBS Bark Hogger Code: HBSBarkHoge

HBS Bark Hogger
HBS Bark Hogger Code: HBSBarkHogf

HBS Bark Hogger Horizontal Infeed
HBS Bark Hogger Horizontal Infeed Code: HBSBarkHogHorizontalInfeed

Horizontal Chipper System
Horizontal Chipper System Code: E-036 HorizontalChipper
The Horizontal Chipper is a workhorse designed for high-production mills.  Conical chip heads operate in the vertical plane which reduces side chipping forces, resulting in smoother feeding, better quality chips and longer-lasting knives.

Norman Disc Chipper
Norman Disc Chipper Code: MA-33-ENormanDiscChipper
The exclusive, tested design of the USNR Norman Chipper is bringing greater profits to chip manufacturers around the world. Truly uniform chips are the result of the USNR Norman Chipper’s continuous cutting action that makes it the only chipper of its kind!

Optimised Chipper Spout
Optimised Chipper Spout Code: MA-28-EOptimisedChipperSpout
In a continued commitment to innovation, USNR has implemented several design changes to the Forano style chipper spout that improve chip quality and reduce maintenance costs.

Rotary Hog
Rotary Hog Code: MA-31-ERotaryHog
When it comes to shredding waste material, there just isn’t any better value than USNR’s Rotary Hog. These rugged machines provide maximum production at the lowest cost per ton.


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